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Escort Content writing
Our escort content is written for the purpose of placing on your site to add new pages of content. This is not used for you to distribute as it will be directly promoting your own site and other pages within your site. Content pages are usually around 500-550 words and optimised for 1 main keyword or phrase with a secondary keyword or phrase. We will request these details after payment has been made.
1 page optimised content (delivery 48 hours)
3 pages optimised content (delivery 4 working days)
10 pages optimised content (delivery 8 working days)
Escort Article writing
Our escort articles are able to be used in distribution to article directories and for submission to blogs/Press releases/news areas/blog entries. The way the text is written is in an informative style rather than heavy promotional/sales style and is acceptable by article directories. We will lay the article out with article title, article summary and anchor links for your ease of use. Articles are optmised for 2 keywords/phrases. We will request these details after payment has been made. Articles are around 450 words.
1 optimised article (delivery – 48 hours)
3 optimised articles (delivery 4 working days)
10 optimised articles (delivery 8 working days)
Article writing and submission (supercharged service)

For every individual article ordered you get 2 articles in total and 10 backlinks to your site
The Article writing and submission service gives you 1 original and unique optimised article as standard which will be sent to you for you to place on your site. The original article is ‘spun’ to create another unique article around the same subject matter and the spun article is submitted to 5 respected article blogs. This gives you 2 backlinks to your escort site per blog and a total of 10 backlinks for just 1 article order. This is the most useful way to use your articles in order to get the best possible return.
To order your unique articles and submission service please choose one of the options below.

1 article + 1 variation ( 2 articles total) + 5 submissions (per variation)( 10 backlinks) (Delivery time 4 – 5 working days for initial article + submission/publishing time)

5 articles + 1 variations each (6 articles in total) + 5 submissions (per variation) (50 backlinks total) (delivery time is 5 – 8 working days for initial articles + submission/publishing time)

10 articles + 1 variations each (20 articles in total) + 5 submissions per variation (100 one way backlinks total) (Delivery time is 12 -15 working days for initial articles + submission/publishing time)
Once payment has been made you will be redirected to our submission page where you can submit your site details for your orders..

Each one includes 5 spins + submission